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Dogs have been our intelligent and faithful companions for thousands of years, yet they are routinely stolen, tortured, and eaten as meat in South East Asia.


Although the street trade in dog meat and the festival of Yulin are commonly protested against and condemned, the suffering these animals endure is less widely discussed. Torture methods such as blowtorching and force-feeding are believed to improve the quality of the meat, and many of the dogs that are eaten were once family pets.


In South Korea, more than two and a half million dogs are eaten every year. In China, almost 10 million dogs are killed each year. In Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, northern India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, pets are stolen, trafficked, killed, and eaten. 

But there is good news. Local campaigners working with the support of international charities are daily risking their own safety to rescue dogs and provide them with food, shelter, veterinary services and, eventually, safe and loving homes. Walking to Save Dogs, a not-for-profit organisation, is working to support this change.

You can help us to support these grassroots campaigns and end these horrific practices by donating today.

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