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Robert and Karina are in Thailand visiting the Sound Of Animals charity.

14 November 2019


A very hot day today-32 degrees (and for Thai norms this is not hot!)  The weather at the shelter is extreme.  It is either too hot and dry or too much rain.  Seldom one experience ideal working or living temperatures.


Today is the day we decided which dogs to select for our rehoming campaign.  Selecting dogs is not an easy process. We need to look carefully at the character of the dog, since many dogs have been traumatized many of them will require some needs.  The worse scenario would be if a dog gets adopted and it turns out to be a dog whose behaviour is out of control.


We are looking for well-adjusted dogs.  Dogs who are human and dog friendly.  Reactive dogs will be a terrible challenge for any owners and a dog might end up being handed over from owner to owner etc.  This is what we want to avoid at all cost.  


If the new home does not work out, the dogs remain “property” of the Sound of Animals and need to be returned to the representative in the UK or any other country where the dog has been adopted and new forever homes will be sought out.


We thought we had time enough to make some short videos to bring some dogs to you who are ready for adoption.  Alas, time simply run out on us and rather than a rush job we agreed that photos and information about adoptees would be sent to us.

12 November 2019


I visited the rescue some two and half years ago when it was still being built.

The amazing kennels/enclosures were amazing.  Each had an indoor and outdoor space of a generous size. 


I have vivid memories of this clean space with wonderful volunteers and employees working hard to ensure that every dog had a happy life.  The focus was clearly to ensure that dogs were given love, care and treatment.


Today, Michael picked us up from our accommodation and drove us to his house, where he shares his living space with 27 dogs.  On arrival, the excitement and happiness the dogs were displaying was overwhelming.  These dogs were mostly saved from the dog meat trade in Cambodia. Their horrendous experience had left them emotionally scarred with no trust in humans, however, Michael was able establish a loving relationship with them all.


At The Blue Dream Shelter, staff were very busy with cleaning, walking and feeding the dogs. Karina and I walked various dogs too and became acquainted with the “residents”.  


Within no time Karina and I were covered in muddy paw marks as the dogs were so keen to receive and share their love with us.  It remains a humbling experienced to be trusted and unconditionally loved by dogs who had suffered so much.

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