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Rathlin island walk

Walking to Save Dogs Fundraising Walk 2021 will be held on Rathlin Island starting on 20th September 2021.


This year the dogs and I will undertake the eight walks on Rathlin Island over six days, the most northerly inhabited island in Northern Ireland. Although this walk is not as long as we have completed before, it will undoubtedly be a challenge. The rugged landscape, the continuous hill, hazardous cliff, off-road trails and the weather will be a challenge. Remember that Rathlin Island is not known for its tropical climate; instead, rain and wind will be our companions.


I chose Rathlin Island as Mervyn, and I got married on the island on 10th August 2021. It was the first same-gender wedding on the island. The eight walks will give us the chance to know this unique and magical island inside out. It will be the first time that Mervyn will be joining me on the walks. It would make life much more manageable with eight dogs in tow. The dogs will have to remain on their leads since we respect the wildlife, such as the local cattle and sheep.


Come and follow our daily walks and please dont forget to donate to help to end the dog meat trade like the Sound of Animals.


Our walk plan

Sunday - 19/09/21

Arrival on Rathlin Island


Monday = 20/09/21

Day 1- walk 1

The Harbour to the Rue

Tuesday 21/09/21 - Day 2 – Walk 2

The Harbour to the East Lighthouse

Wednesday 22/09/21 - Day 3 – Walk 3

The Harbour to the West Lighthouse

Thursday 23/09/21 - Day 4

Walk 4 - Kebble south trail

              Walk 5 - Kinramer North Trail

              Walk 6 - Kinraner Permissicv Path              


Friday 24/09/21 - Day 5 - Walk 7

National Trust walk to the Coastguard’s Hut


Saturday 25/09/21 - Day 6 – Walk 8

Roonivoolin Trail

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