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St Patrick’s Pilgrim Walk - Day 2 - Sun, 20 September 2020

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Scarva to Newry 20km/12.5 miles

Day 2

Day 2

Today's walk was 5km shorter than yesterday. It was going to be an easy walk in that is was along the Newry Canal towpath. Even I would know how to walk in a straight line and not lose my way!

The Newry Canal was built to link the Tyrone coalfields (Lough Neagh and the River Bann) to the Irish Sea at Carlingford Lough near Newry. The canal ship canal was opened in 1769, but, sadly by 1800, it was in disrepair. Throughout its history money was pumped into the project to make it work either through public funds, and it is bought and becoming a private company. The canal was officially closed in 1949.

It's hard to imagine that quite sizable ships went through this canal since today's Newry Canal is for the most part no wider than 2 metres and very shallow. Its role today is to provide a nature reserve to all kinds of animals.

The towpath today is well maintained and is shared by runners, cyclists, walkers and dog walkers. Although not extraordinarily busy, it was not possible to let the dogs off lead since the cyclist, however courteous they were, went too fast.

It was a warm day, and sections on the towpath did not provide any shade, but with a little panting, especially Pippa and Violet, we all got through it easily. We had one short little break during which the dogs had their drink and snack.

We attracted a lot of attention since the little 8 dogs all walked in a disciplined manner and at quite a pace. People kept asking me how I got them so well-behaved.

I just smiled; I really do not have an answer to that. The team is simply just well-behaved dogs. Love them to bitt.

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