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St Patrick’s Pilgrim Walk - Day 4 - Tue, 22 September 2020

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

from Rostrevor to Hilltown 19km/12 miles 

Day 4

The two-hour drive to today’s starting point in Kilbroney Park was rather wet. I was really hoping that all the rain would fall during the drive, but my wish was not answered.

As we set off our walk, the temperature was noticeably much cooler, no sunshine and still a clear, bright, beautiful day.

This part of the St Patrick’s Pilgrim Walk was probably my favourite day because we were moving away from roads and people, it was peaceful walking along and alone with the dogs in this ancient forest.

We started off at Kilbroney Park, walking to the steep forest of Rostrevor. I did feel my calves having to work somewhat hard. The views were incredible but what I was perhaps even more excited about was having seen 2 Red Squirrels. I had never seen a Red Squirrel other than on Xmas cards or television.

The dogs walked virtually off lead during the whole walk. Ronan, Pippa and Wilbur were running ahead all the time to make sure that the path was safe. Madeleine was forever sauntering 30 metres or more behind. The 3 chihuahuas were around my legs; however, our protector, Jake, had his senses at full alert. Little Olive was darting around usually staying close to the chihuahuas and me.

It was really like being part of a movie set and walking with my little dogs in a deserted forest where everything and anything could happen. Well, luckily nothing on-towards happened. We walked the well-laid forest tracks in no-time

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