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St Patrick’s Pilgrim Walk - Day 6b - Frid, 25 September 2020

Today we made the news in the BelfastLive News

Today our walk was from Newcastle to Tyrella 19km/12 miles

And today we made the news at the BelfastLive

Day 6b

After yesterday’s total wash-out we were well ready for a good day walking. What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours – as the song goes. The sun was shining, a light breeze relatively fresh, but what a glorious day.

Today’s walk would involve a long beach walk, followed by some roads, then on to a disused railway along the coast and again some small roads.

It was not busy on the beach, but the few people we saw stopped and asked questions about my fabulous pack. The dogs were so happy running around in the sand chasing one and other. There were some new experiences for Olive, like a large dead bird (a Northern Gannet), running through the sea, picking up oyster shells and meeting a whole other pack of dogs.

There were, of course, no signs St Patrick’s Pilgrim Walk to be seen anywhere, but surprisingly I did not get lost. Some other walkers pointed me into the direction of the little village of Dundrum where I could “catch” the disused railway. We passed a tearoom called Paws for tea, pet-friendly tearoom. I looked in and saw photos of dogs on their walls. Sadly, the tearoom was closed, so we marched on, but I still think I should send them a picture of my gorgeous pack.

When trains were running, it must have been a beautiful ride since it was right on the coast and one had stunning views of the sea. Sadly, during this part of the walk, it started to rain, and I had left my waterproof garments in the car. The wind was quite strong too, and I became freezing. The only thing is to walk faster to keep warm, and that is what we all did.

Tomorrow is already the last day of our walk. It will be on small roads entirely

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